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March 6, 2010
Susan Guidry: 62%, 8,059 votes
[representing 79% of her primary vote of 10,173]
Jay Batt: 38%, 4,869 votes,
[representing 54% of his primary vote of 9046]

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Jay Wants to Run on his Record. Really?

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Jay Batt: Republican. Really?

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Should Jay Batt concede? An analysis of the primary vote
Within a few hours after the primary was decided, requests for Anybody But Batt yard signs at this website jumped dramatically. Perhaps some voters smell blood and (to mix our metaphors) want to pile on.

In light of this, we think Jay should concede. It would save him, Ms Guidry, and District A from a bruising runoff campaign. Jay took a big hit in this election, and is no longer the front runner. While we are loathe to hit a man while he is down, we will continue to alert the public to the facts about Mr. Batt if he chooses to run. A victory by Jay, while not mathematically impossible, is highly unlikely. The question is what will Jay put first: District A or his ego.

Read on for our by-the-numbers analysis of the primary vote...
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Campaign Finance Reports 2010
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Campaign Finance Reports 2006
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Campaign Finance Reports 2002
You can download and view most of Jay's campaign finance reports here. You'll see the contributions he took in from bars and developers and the way he spent that money, including hundreds of visits to fancy restaurants, campaign payments to the political machines, including BOLD, LIFE and Bill Jefferson's Progressive Democrats, and who wrote the big checks. Don't take our word for it! Look at the evidence yourself!

30 days before primary
10 days prior to primary
10 days prior to gen
40 days after gen
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It's time to decide.
And this time, let's decide NOT to be fooled by Jay Batt again.

Yes, it's true: each and every one of the primary authors of this site voted for Jay Batt in his defeat of Scott Shea in 2002. Why? Because we believed his campaign promises, when he told us to our faces and in forum after forum, that he supported our concerns and issues.

"I've evolved," he says this time around. "I'm changing." Don't believe it.
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Top 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Jay Batt in 2010
Despite his claims to the contrary, Batt hasn't changed— he's just learned to play nice in public this time around (acting talent does run in the family, after all). We saw this side of Jay once before, when he ousted Scott Shea in 2002, but as soon as the election was over, he made a 180 degree flip-flop and the real Jay took office... to the detriment of the residents of District A.

The top ten reasons not to vote for Jay Batt in 2006 remain just as valid in 2010. Click on 'Read More' for the details...

10. Jay is a master at patronage.

9. Jay has engaged in campaign finance abuse.

8. Jay did nothing to clean up City Hall.

7. Jay associates with known ethics-violaters.

6. Jay rewards his friends and contributors to the detriment of his constituents.

5. Jay has failed to take politics out of the city's planning process.

4. Jay is anti-neighborhood.

3. Jay is anti-preservation.

2. Jay takes care of himself at our expense.

1. Because 'Anybody But Jay Batt' will always be better for the residents of District A!

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District A race only getting muddier
By Frank Donze, Times Picayune, March 5, 2010

Campaign season ended early for veteran legislator Karen Carter Peterson after she cruised to victory last month, winning a special election for an open seat in the state Senate.

But Peterson has landed in the crossfire of the heated runoff contest for the District A seat on the City Council, where she is backing political newcomer and fellow Democrat Susan Guidry.

The race on Saturday's ballot matches Guidry, a lawyer, against Republican Jay Batt, who is seeking to reclaim the post he lost four years ago. Batt lost a bid for re-election in 2006 to Shelley Midura, who is backing Guidry.

This week, Batt slammed Peterson with a campaign mailer alleging that her endorsement of Guidry is part of a "back room" deal to reacquire a consulting contract she lost in 2000 with the council's Utility Committee. The flier also attempts to make a connection between Guidry and the leaders of BOLD, Peterson's political organization.

BOLD, which has taken no position in the District A race, supported Batt when he won the seat 2002. Finance reports from that campaign show that Batt made a $15,000 payment to BOLD to cover his share of the costs for printing and mailing the organization's ballot.

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New Orleans City Council runoff candidates shore up war chests
By Michelle Krupa, The Times-Picayune, March 05, 2010

In his quest to reclaim the District A seat on the New Orleans City Council, Republican Jay Batt has pumped nearly $600,000 into his campaign war chest, about four times the amount invested by Democrat Susan Guidry, his opponent in Saturday's runoff.

Batt's hefty investment includes more than $83,000 from his own pocket, not including $64,300 in personal loans that the businessman has already recouped from his campaign. Guidry has raised about $165,200, including $60,000 of her own money, according to records filed with the state Ethics Administration.
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ACORN thrust into spotlight in New Orleans City Council race
By Frank Donze, The Times-Picayune, March 04, 2010

In his bid to reclaim the District A seat on the New Orleans City Council he lost four years ago, Republican businessman Jay Batt has tried to link ACORN, the controversial anti-poverty group under federal investigation, to Democrat Susan Guidry, his opponent in Saturday's runoff.

But Guidry, a lawyer, turned the tables on him during a Tuesday night forum by reminding the 100 or so residents in attendance that Batt ran with ACORN's enthusiastic support during his failed re-election bid four years ago.

Batt vehemently denied the charge.

"I've never had the endorsement of ACORN. I've never paid them," Batt said, according to an account of the Tuesday meeting in Lakeview by Gambit editor Kevin Allman. "I've never been part of them. It's not even in my vernacular. So . . . it's untrue."

After the meeting, Gambit posted a story online that cited an entry from Batt's 2006 campaign blog that headlined the ACORN endorsement in bold type. The 2006 posting included a statement from Batt that said he would be "proud" to work with the group "on finding common ground."

On Wednesday, Batt issued a statement acknowledging that he had "unintentionally" erred in those comments.

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Anybody But Batt leader puts his money where his mouth is
By Frank Donze, The Times-Picayune, March 01, 2010

As the leader of the Anybody But Batt group, Hardie largely bankrolled and masterminded the successful push to oust the Republican businessman as the council's District A representative four years ago. Now, as Batt tries to reclaim the seat in a Saturday runoff against Democrat Susan Guidry, Hardie is back with a vengeance.
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New Orleans City Council District A runoff pits Jay Batt, Susan Guidry
By John Pope, The Times-Picayune, February 26, 2010

When the campaign for the District A seat on New Orleans' City Council began, the only candidate with any substantial amount of name recognition was Jay Batt, who held the post from 2002 to 2006.

But that didn't mean he was a shoo-in. Even though Batt, a Republican, has emphasized the importance of his experience, controversial votes he made while on the council, including his support for a new home for Bruno's bar on Maple Street and the expansion of Stuart Hall School for Boys, produced enough lingering anti-Batt sentiment to land him in second place the Feb. 6 primary, with 39 percent of the vote.

In the March 6 runoff, he will face off against the first-place finisher, Susan Guidry, a Democrat, lawyer and neighborhood activist who is making her first run for elective office. She led a four-candidate field with 44 percent, appealing to many voters in the notoriously fickle district by emphasizing the importance of change and working closely with neighborhoods.

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Want yard signs? Need your stolen ones replaced?
Just send an email to anybodybutbatt@yahoo.com with your name, address and phone number, and the number of yard signs and stickers you need, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Signs are being stolen at an extraordinary rate, and while we have plenty of replacements, we are advising people to attach them to something sturdy wherever possible. What kind of people would do such a thing, you may well wonder...
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It's time to decide.
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